Who’s Your Friend?

I made a note the other day about how we have trivialized the word “friend”.

I have very few “friends”

I do have numerous acquaintances, colleagues, coworkers, etc, but I have very few friends.

I looked up the definition of friend and this is the “friend” I am talking about: one attached to another by affection or esteem.

My definition would go beyond that one.

A friend is someone who shares an emotional bond, and through that bond you understand how they think, why they think the way they do and there is a mutual and unconditional respect for each other.

I have two “friends” in my life.

One is my wife and the other is a fellow musician who is like the brother I never had.

Blood doesn’t count, friends are friends and family is family.

Why do I say just two, because those two have lasted a lifetime.

I had numerous “friends” in school but they changed from year to year and over the years faded away.

Friends are a truly special relationship way above coworker, classmate or someone you play golf with on the weekends.  They are even above band mates which can be a whole other relationship.

So why do I say we trivialized the word?

Look at Facebook.  I have over 300 friends.

These people aren’t my friends.

Besides my wife and family members I may actually know five to ten people.  The rest of my Facebook “friends” I have never met, yet they are called my “friends”.

They may be great people or absolute loonies but I don’t know for sure who’s what.

True friends are few and come along once or twice in a lifetime maybe more if you’re lucky.

They don’t send you a request to be your friend.  It just happens, like true love.

I don’t have over 300 “friends” on Facebook, I have over 300 possible contacts for networking purposes.

How many true friends do you have?  What common bond do you share with them?

If you didn’t see them for 20 years and then reunited would you pick up right where you left off?

So how many true friends do you really have?

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