Another Gray Depressing Northeast Winter

I wasn’t sure what I was going to post today so I went back through some old ideas and pieces I had written.

This subject jumped out at me.  I wrote this note and piece last winter, close to the end of the winter season.

The note that I had written was “experiencing new activities to stimulate my creativity and then how to incorporate that into my playing and writing”.

So how did the weather at the time make me write that note?

Here is what I wrote after reading that note.

It’s currently two weeks until the start of spring and after another long, cold and dismal winter in the Northeast the weather picks today to give us the largest snow storm of the year.

Here we are being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and someone temporarily closes the exit door.

I was thinking about how my song lyric/poetry writing has slowed down dramatically over the past three months.  It seems like I have to really dig for ideas of what to write about for lyrics, poetry and these posts.

I think about how blasé my life has become and then it dawns on me, it’s the weather.

It’s winter in the Northeast.  It’s cold and it’s gray.  You get up and it’s dark and cold.  You come home from work and it’s dark and cold.

If it’s one of the few nice, tolerable sunny days you experience once in a while during the winter you’re probably stuck in the office.

Even if you’re not at work, you don’t go out very much.  It’s cold, driving condition are or could become hazardous very quickly.  You have to wear layers of uncomfortable clothes to stay warm and to help keep heating costs in line.

If you’re lucky enough to have an office window you look outside and it’s gray and brown or covered in white that’s turning a nasty shade of gray.

If you do have a brief period of warmer weather the snow melts and turns everything to mud.

Winters in the Northeast are depressing, not very inspirational unless your looking to write some Greek tragedy.

A little snow at Christmas is nice but after that it’s just a pain in the ass.

So why have my creativity levels dropped?

It’s winter and all you do is go to work and go home. 

At home you sit inside and try to think of other things to do besides cleaning, practicing and reading.

I need to get out and see new things, be in different situations that stimulate other thoughts that trigger creative responses.

I need to go places on the weekends with my wife. 

Something as simple as sitting at a good old fashion auction can be incredibly stimulating.   Even the auctions are curtailed in the winter.  People don’t clean out their homes and auction houses don’t have as much to sell.

I’m not sure how many more winters I will spend in the Northeast.  Each snowflake and ice pellet that falls, each gray depressing sunless day, moves me that much closer to putting up the for sale sign and heading to warmer climates.

But for now I certainly am looking forward to spring and the regeneration of creativity and stimulus in my life.

So here I am at the start of another gray, dreary, Northeast winter.

What am I going to do?

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