Filling The Punch Bowl

I wrote this piece in the spring of 2015.

The week before last I was out of town for four days.  I was busy for a number of days leading up to that trip.   I had several tasks that I had to get done prior to leaving town so I missed a lot of days of writing.  I miss the habit when I’m not doing it.

I was concerned because not only were my other commitments drawing me away from my daily writing habit but the ideas seemed to be drying up as well.

I was getting worried that after a year of writing every day during the work week, I may have run out of ideas.  I really didn’t think that was the case but the thought simmered in the back of my mind.

Once I got home from my four day trip and into my daily routine I made sure I got right back into my writing habit.

It felt really good to do this again.  It was like missing out on the fun for a couple of days but now I allowed myself to get back into it.

Earlier when I mentioned about the ideas drying up I was referring to the little notes I write to myself and stuff in my composition book.  Each day when I go to write in the book I look through the notes and pick the subject that feels best to me, unless I already have something in mind.

What was drying up were those little ideas.  I wasn’t coming up with anything to write down and stuff in my book.

I discovered that getting away from the writing for a couple of days actually helped.

When I got home and situated back into my normal routine the little pieces of paper with ideas started to flow again.

As much as I don’t want to lose my writing habits I guess I also need to learn to step away from it once in awhile.  I guess I need to let the punch bowl in my head fill up with more ingredients and see what comes out.

Now here we are on the verge of the holidays, maybe it’s another good time to step away for a couple of days and sharpen the saw.  So if you see I’ve re-posted some of my old favorite posts you know I’m taking a break for the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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