Big Business – Sirens Of The Small Business B2B World

A big business as a customer is like a beautiful woman.

That’s what I first wrote when I was thinking about the subject for this post.  The more I thought about it the more I realized I needed to clarify that statement so I changed it to this.

A big business customer is like a self absorbed beautiful woman.

That is especially true to a small business who is courting that big business customer.

Ladies you can substitute self absorbed handsome man if you like but since I’m a male I’ll write from my perspective.

So you’re a small business.  You’re just trying to meet all the bills, keep everybody paid and put some money in your pocket.

You hope to one day have the kind of sales and income so you can cease your 12 to 18 hour work days and enjoy yourself, but for now you work hard at something you love.

And then there she is.

She’s gorgeous.

The revenues from this one relationship can get you to where you want to be almost overnight.  She’ll look great with you on your website.  The industry will envy you and she’ll make you feel really good about yourself.

She needs to be paid attention to.  She wants your undivided attention.  She wants her needs fulfilled and you have none.  You must make her number one.

You start spending money on her, a lot of money, because the future will be great.  The promises and potential satisfaction are almost more than you dreamed of when you were just slugging away day to day with your small, ordinary but loyal customers.

You feed her needs, sometimes at the cost of your loyal friends that have been with you for years.  Now they are becoming an afterthought.

But what’s it matter your new relationship is paying off.

You’re getting more from her and she is demanding more.  You fear her loss.  How will I live (keep the cash flowing) without her?  You do whatever she demands and what she demands has nothing to do with you other than you feeding her needs.

She is just so damn beautiful.

Yes she is and guess what?  You are not the only one who thinks so.

Just like some back stabbing high school buddy the competition is there every day saying to her, “What are you doing with that loser? I have so much more to offer you.  Dump him and come with me I’ll really treat you right.”

After you have given all you can give, after you’ve started taking out loans to pay for the trinkets that she needs, betting your future on her always being there, you are spent and you tell her a relationship has to go two ways and you have needs.   And then she’s gone.

She’s off with someone else who is blinded by her beauty and unable to see the true cost of the relationship.

Now you have alienated your friends, your loyal good friends who understand the give and take of a relationship.  They left to find another loyal friend who won’t kick them to the curb when Miss Wow comes calling.

You’re left alone and wondering about the future, maybe scared about the future.

What you do now is learn your lesson and be thankful that some of your friends remained, at least enough to keep your business going.  Maybe you can rebuild some of those crumbled relationships one lost friend at a time.

The next time the lore of luscious big business comes calling you’ll know what you’re in for.

Go ahead and dance with her but when she starts taking and stops giving politely tell her, “I’m sorry but this is just not a healthy relationship for me.”

Don’t be a fool again, blinded by the beauty of potential wealth.

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