Old People Can Still Dream

I wrote a note to myself about how I need to get back to writing more posts about music and drums.

Life has been pushing me to be more philosophical.  But that is a good thing.  Thinking about my life and life in general can spark creative fires within me.  So here is another philosophical life post.

I’ve talked about how I write little notes for myself and stick them in my composition book.  Then when I sit down to write something I refer to these notes for ideas.

Well the other day I wrote this note and placed it in my book.

“Old people can still dream.”

Now “old” is a relative term.

I don’t consider myself to be old.

To my kids I am old and to my grandson I am ancient.

Sometimes I wonder am I too old to dream?  Has my time for dreams run out?

But I think that as long as I draw a breath I can achieve more.

I wonder how many people my age, where retirements is close enough to smell, do they think;   “Well this is it. I worked and I raised my family.  I paid off my home and have a decent retirement income to look forward to, so nothing else to do but put in my last few years at the office.”

Do they then think about doing nothing?

I still have dreams.  Not the same ones I had when I was in my twenties and thirties but I still aspire to do more with my life.

Just because I’m on the downhill side of my fifties doesn’t mean the journey is over.

I dream of success with music and with writing.  My definition of success has changed but I still have those aspirations.  Believe me they keep me going.

But if they were taken away from me tomorrow I would find something else.

I need them and will create them and have them until I draw my last breath.

When you’re young you just don’t understand.

When I went out and bought my Mac Book Pro I did it because I decided to stop waiting around to sell my vintage amp and guitar.  I wanted to get my home studio up and running.

Why, because I have a dream, an aspiration to make and participate in the making of quality music.  It keeps me feeling young and unlike when I was young, I’m not broke after purchasing the equipment.

When I went to purchase the Mac Book Pro I brought my son along with me.

We walk into the Apple Store.  I see a Mac Book Pro on display so I start to fool around with it.

Not one of the dozen salespersons comes to talk to me.

My son starts looking at an iPad and suddenly a rep is right there asking him if there is anything he can help him with.  My son says to the rep, “No, but my dad is looking to buy a Mac Book Pro.”

All the salespersons in the store were about my son’s age or even younger.  They assumed the old guy has nothing new to do in his life except to wait to die.   The old guy certainly isn’t coming in here to buy this creative Apple product.  He’s not looking to pursue his passions.

The “kid” who sold me the computer that day probably made the easiest sale of the day with me because I haven’t quit dreaming.

So “kids” remember old people can still dream and they tend to have more disposable income.

If you are under fifty realize for your own sake you should never stop dreaming.

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