What Color Do You Like Your Shirts?

Earlier I wrote a post wondering if it was time for the “tin foil hats”.   If you read it you will see I expressed my concern about the media making such a fuss (deserved or not, that’s not for debate right now) about local police departments and their abuse of power.

In a nutshell my belief is that this has nothing to do with race.

Race may be the vehicle some are using to achieve a sinister goal but it is not their social concern.  Social justice is the last thing on their mind because if it truly were these guys would be biting on the cyanide capsule.

In my previous post I expressed concern that soon the politicians will be calling for a national review of all police forces by the federal government and at some point suggest that the federal government take over all police forces across the country.

That’s to be expected because fear mongering and lies is what keeps the politician employed.

What has bothered me the most since writing that piece is that I have actually seen common everyday working people suggest that the military and federal government take over all state and local police forces and fix the situation.

WTF – I am sorry but just how stupid are these people.

OK here is a little assignment for anyone who thinks that’s a good idea.

Instead of watching cute kitten videos or complete morons inflict pain on themselves, or instead of hanging on the every word of the mindless whore sisters whose last name starts with a K and ends with “sians”, how about your do some actual self improvement and research some of these subjects.

  1. Nazi Germany
  2. Gestapo
  3. Stalinist Russia
  4. Fascist Italy

If that’s not enough examples for you of what can happen under a national police state let me know I’ll be glad to send you some more examples from both past and present times.

But please don’t research this on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Buy a book and read.  If you like contact me and I’ll send you a list of books or video series if you don’t like to read.

I still cannot wrap my head around what would make anyone think a national police force is a good idea.

Let’s look at the so called “problem” that suddenly has some people call for our very own version of the KGB in the USA.  (Again buy a book and read about it if you don’t know anything about the KGB).

How many of these “epidemic” problem arrest videos have you seen in the past year?

Is it one, five, ten, twenty, one hundred?

Do you know how many arrests are made each year across the USA?

How about this number: 11,205,833, that is what the FBI estimates as the number of arrests for 2014.

Let’s get extreme.  Let’s say you saw 20 videos of police abusing power during an arrest.  That’s 0.000178% of all arrests.

Of course there should never ever be any abuse or brutality by any police or law enforcement organization but for 0.000178% of all arrests you are going to label this an epidemic and invite the federal government into you town to run your local police department.  Let’s talk about an abuse of power.

So if your kid gets picked up for doing something really stupid you better hope you’re on the right side of the party lines.  Oh they will know where you stand.

Now you’ll get to plead your case in front of some corrupt, lying, buffoon, appointed career politician, some marginal bureaucrat from Washington DC.

Great so now you can watch your kid sit and rot as the wheels of justice turn ever so slow.

Or you can pay your bribe (they’ll probably call it a tax) to get them out and then watch as your name goes on a secret list because you rocked the boat.

Most of the folks who are calling for a federal  takeover of law enforcement I’m sure consider themselves to be progressive, enlightened people.  They would be the first to call a conservative or libertarian a racist and a fascist.

Yet here they are calling for a process that was carried out by some of the most fascist, racist and monstrous regimes in history.

And by the way, you progressive, enlightened people, you’ll be some of the first ones they’ll come after.  Your name will be at the top of the list.

Please wake up.

The federal government is not the answer, never has been, never will be, anytime, anywhere.

Individuals, individuals taking responsibility and having the freedom to solve their problems is the answer.

So to all you progressive, enlightened, socialist out there who are calling for the federal government to solve your problems, real or fabricated, I ask this.  What color do you like your shirts, brown or black?

© Otis P Smith and About the Groove, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Otis P Smith and About the Groove with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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