Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy BS

Easy come, easy go.  You heard that saying a thousand times.

You lose something or an unexpected expense pops up and you say to yourself or someone else says to you, “Oh well easy come, easy go.”

One day I really thought about that saying.  I think it was right after a large unexpected auto repair bill.

What I thought about was how the repair bill was more than two weeks of my take home pay.

That money sure didn’t come too easily.  I put up with a lot of bullshit in those two weeks.  I came home mentally and physically exhausted almost every day.

But with one phone call from the dealer’s service shop two week worth of pay was gone.

So how many times does a scenario like this happen over the course of a year?  Probably at least every other month some sort of significant unexpected event has popped up and the money very easily disappears.

I didn’t have to sit and stare at a computer monitor and ruin my eyes for eight hours a day to have the money go out.  But I had to do that to have it come in.

How many times over the past year or years for that matter, did I unexpectedly receive a significant amount of money?  You know how many times did I go home and open the mail to find a $1600 check or the service department calls me and says “we feel so bad about your string of bad luck with cars this year and feel just awful about how much money we collected from you so we are going to be giving you back $1000.”

Give me a moment to think about that.


It has never happened and never will happen.

I’ll never hit the lottery and I’ll wager that everyone who could ever possibly read this will never hit the lottery either.

You might say to me “Well you got to play the lottery to win the lottery.”

True but it’s true bullshit.

I have heard the lottery referred to as a tax on the naïve.

I like that but I’m not going to go into what a major rip off it is by your selfless government.

The point is easy come, easy go was made up to make you feel better about paying your bills.

It’s bullshit.

Whether you busted your ass to get your money or fell ass backwards into a boat load of money it all goes out like crap through a goose.

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