It’s All About Priorities

Priorities, sometimes it’s all about priorities, and sometimes it’s all about how out of whack they have become.

Now if you subscribe to some of the conspiracy theorist, about how our priorities are set, it may have something to do with the government.  It has to do with the government’s control of the media and the government using the media to distract the people from what is really going on.

To tell you the truth there are a number of days I buy into that theory.

So what has me wondering about where we are heading as a society?  It’s some rather mundane items from 2015 that became big news and then just went away.

There was a period last year when all the rage contrived by the media, both network and social media was about animals on both a national and local level.

The hysteria generated wasn’t about an entire species that was being wiped out or losing its habitat.  It wasn’t about the discovery of some cure for humans found through studying a particular species of animal.

It wasn’t about any insight or enlightenment about the earth or our lives through years of research of a species.  There was no Jane Goddall living with monkeys kind of stuff here.

Nationally it was about one lion and locally it was about one bear.

What was all the uproar?  What pushed politics, disasters and economic crisis out of the headlines?  What took the place of terrorism and the loss of freedom and human life?

A lion, someone shot a lion and the mainstream media and social media lost its collective mind.

ISIS beheads people, rapes and sells women into sexual slavery and destroys irreplaceable antiquities of mankind and from most of the media maybe a whimper.

At home we have turmoil between the police and the citizens and at one time it served a purpose for the mass media and it was huge but now nothing.

But a lion was killed, a lion was killed, my god everyone lose your mind a lion was killed.

On a local level we had a bear that had been held in a cage since it was a cub.  I believe it lived in this cage for over twenty years, maybe longer.

It was a tourist attraction and a local attraction at a family restaurant/ice cream place.  People would bring their kids, eat ice cream and feed the bear and other animals they had on display.

Then suddenly, a local group of citizens who after twenty years had nothing better to do, decided that this was one of the most horrible, pressing concerns for mankind that they had ever seen.

So they tied up the courts and wasted taxpayers’ money to have the bear freed from the only existence it has ever known.

Locally it was another media circus.

I remember looking at the front page news stories and watching the lead in stories on the broadcast news and thinking about all the time and resources being wasted on a bear.  Not the species, not even a sleuth (had to look that one up) of bears, but one bear.

Oh thank you concerned citizens for tying up the judicial system for countless hours and utilizing our precious tax dollars to free this bear.  Oh how it must have made your heart swell with love when you saw it taken from the only home it has ever known and sent to that great bear sanctuary.

Just be sure you step right over all the poor families and cold and hungry kids on your rush to make the headlines and feel good about yourself.

If you’re really that concerned about the bear and wanting it to return to the “wild” experience that God had intended, how about you let him maul and devour part of you and your family.  That’s what bears do you know.  They don’t run around Jellystone Park trying to outwit Mr. Ranger for a pic-a-nic basket.

And a year later the press is still reporting on the front page the progress of this bear.

Tax increases, political corruption and such well that’s buried on page 10.

So if all this wasn’t bad enough the other day I actually read about someone getting a chicken a prosthetic leg.  The cost was $2500.

Do you know how many chicken dinners $2500 can buy?  Neither do I but I know it’s a hell of a lot of them.

People, it’s one lion, one bear, one chicken, grow up.

And no I don’t torture animals.

I currently have three dogs in my house.  I had horses, dogs and one cat (that’s enough) when I was younger and I love chickens.

Especially deep fried chickens.

Priorities, it’s all about priorities.

© Otis P Smith and About the Groove, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Otis P Smith and About the Groove with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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