You’re Not That Important

Here’s another post about something I just can’t figure out.  Maybe it’s a generational thing, I don’t know.

This past summer my wife and I took an extended weekend and went to the beach.

One of the things my wife loves to do when we are at the beach is to get up early and take a nice long morning walk on the beach.  So every morning we do this.

It takes us about an hour and a half and we cover about two miles.

When we start we usually see a number of people fishing and a lot of people walking their dogs.  There are a few families who have already made their way onto the beach getting their chairs, pop up tents and umbrellas in place at that prime spot by the water’s edge.

We walk about a mile away from our beach side hotel and then turn around to head back, so it’s usually around 10:00 AM when we make our return trip and the beach is now starting to fill up.

By this time there are moms and dads with their infants and toddlers at the water’s edge.  The teenagers are skim boarding and throwing balls and Frisbees in the surf.  There are old people (older than me) sitting where the waves die out and disappear into the sand.

It’s all normal vacation kind of stuff.

And then I see it.

There stands a woman up to her knees in the surf.  Her left hand is on her hip and her right hand is up at her ear.  In her right hand is a cell phone.

Really!  What you have to talk about is that damn important that you have to take your cell phone into the ocean and have a conversation.  Really!

No it’s not that important.  Put the damn thing away and shut up.  There is no good or plausible reason why you had to stand in the ocean and have a conversation on the phone.

If it is that damn important why aren’t you back at your chair or better yet back at your room or rental to conduct your business?

Or is it because you are just so cool and hip that you do business while standing in the ocean?  Are you playing Gordon Gekko except your phone isn’t the same size as your shoe?

You just like to hear your voice, you just can’t shut up.

You think I’m impressed?  Yea I’m impressed, impressed by your level of narcissism.

Personally I don’t like the telephone.  I like face to face or the written word.

I understand there are people who love the phone and who love to talk.

But I can’t find one good reason to stand in the ocean and talk on the phone, unless you’re a marine biologist.

This woman wasn’t the only person I saw standing in the ocean talking on the phone during our stay at the beach.   But one thing I do know, none of them were marine biologist.

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