They Can’t All Be Gems

“They can’t all be gems.”

That is what I wrote on a post-it note to myself as an idea for a post.

The point I was trying to make was just keep writing every day.  They won’t all be witty or interesting or inspiring and they may not be about much of anything, just keep writing.

It’s about keeping the habit of writing, even if you don’t have any particular subject or anything you find interesting.

Just write, it’s about writing for writing’s sake.

In the past I had backed off my daily writing journals.  I had filled 4 books which gave me plenty of material for blogging and I used that excuse to rationalize why I stopped doing it every day.

It was “resistance” as talked about in Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”.  Resistance didn’t like that I was beating it on a daily basis so it presented me with a great excuse to stop.  Resistance beat me for a time.

I wasn’t goofing off during the time when I would have been writing.

I was enlightening myself.  I was taking online courses about recording and social media marketing.  I was working on planning how to promote and try to grow my blog in the future and I was typing up posts from my previous journals to get ahead on my posting schedule.

That was all good but I wasn’t writing every day.

I started to realize that by not writing for an extended period of time I was catching up with all the posts I had written in my first three books and would soon be out of posts if I didn’t start writing again.

I started making myself write every day.

I discovered that when I wasn’t writing each day the new ideas began to dry up.  This made getting back into writing every day even more of a push.

Also when I wasn’t writing every day and I would decide to write, the few ideas that I had jotted down didn’t appeal to me.

Now that I have gotten back into the flow or writing every day the ideas flow more freely.  When I review old ideas they trigger the writing person in me, just like it did today.

I had looked at the post-it note a number of times over the past few months when I wasn’t writing and could never find any inspiration.

I looked at it today and I knew this was the subject for today.

And now almost 500 words later I have a post.

Yes, they all can’t be gems.   Whether you or I think this is a good, bad or mediocre post isn’t important.

For me it’s a good post because I wrote it.  I’m writing.

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