Frustrated Musician

I am not a frustrated musician.

When I first decided to return to music I went to my friend in Pittsburgh who I had worked with and played with at his studio.  He put together a little reunion of our band from back in the seventies.  We rented a studio for the weekend and went in and just played some of the songs from the band days.

It was a really cool way to welcome myself back to music.

Now some people that we knew when we were a band and some people that had worked at the studio came to watch and enjoy this little two day get together.

One of them was a rather quirky graphic artist.  He used to do album cover layouts back in the day when cut and paste meant you used scissors to cut out and glue to paste up the layout.

When I last saw him over twenty five years ago he was in his thirties, single, no girlfriend and living with his parents.

Here he is twenty five years later and still the same guy.  He’s single, no girlfriend and living with his parents.  The only difference is now  he is in his early sixties, bald and on the chunky side.

On the second day after we had played a few songs and decided to take a break I went over to him to say hello and catch up.

He told me about how he constantly runs into all the musicians who worked at the studio and how they are all doing something else to make a living but they still play music. He told me how he has been running into all these “frustrated musicians” who are still out there trying but not seeing the success they are looking for.

You could tell by his tone that he was inferring the same thing about the musicians who were in the room, like we are all out there banging our heads against the wall leading this sad existence.

Well thanks for the wet blanket.  That conversation was the one downer of an otherwise great weekend of music and friends.

For a long time I carried that term, “frustrated musician”, around with me.

Then one morning almost three years after hearing him say that to me I said to myself, “I am not a frustrated musician.”

A frustrated musician really isn’t a musician.  A frustrated musician is someone that wishes he could play his instrument buy can’t.  They tinker around with it but they never learn it because they won’t put in the time and effort to become a musician.  They don’t want to put in the work.

I’m a good musician.  I put in the time and work to get there and I continue to put in the time and work to stay there and more importantly to improve.

I’m having a blast doing it.

I’m recording and I’m collaborating.

I’m not rich or famous, never will be.

I’m not the best there is, never will be.

That’s not what it’s about.

It’s about finding my groove and finding it every day.

I’m not a frustrated musician.

I am a musician just toiling away in anonymity and loving every minute of it.

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