Band Back-Burnered

The thought of looking for a band has really been put on the back burner.  Right now I’m spending a lot of time working with and learning about recording.

The other day I was contacted by a local band with booked gigs and they were looking for a drummer.

At first that old instinct kicked in, that instinct to just say yes because it’s a band with some gigs, a working band.

But then I thought about conversations I have had with my friend, how I talked about what a blast I was having and how much I was learning by writing and recording songs.  I told him that I really wasn’t all that interested in a band at this time.

There is nothing like playing live for three to four hours to build up your chops but I am just having too much fun writing and recording and a band would actually cut into that time.

I love playing live and want to experience that again but I need the right band and right situation to make it work.

Right now I can learn about writing and recording on my time, at my pace and once I’m ready that will open me up to a whole new world of online collaboration.

Anyway I did decide to at least see what this band was like.  Maybe they were the right band and situation so I should at least check it out.

I had to search a while but I finally found some video on the band and it was recent video so I felt it was a fair representation of the band.

I listened and immediately knew this was not the right band or situation.

They were OK but I was not interested in getting with that band.

So I respectfully declined.

What’s funny is six months ago I would have jumped at it just to be playing with a band.

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