Maintaining My Habits

This may be a short post today but at least I am writing.  I am maintaining my habit.

As I was driving to work I thought about how many weeks it has been since I’ve written some poetry.

I have been keeping myself in the habit of writing these posts on a daily basis after I had stepped away from doing it for a few weeks. I have my daily drum practice habit and I have developed a song writing habit.

The song writing habit was developed by having a keyboard right beside my desk in my home office.  I’ll take a few moments to tinker around and when I hit a progression that I like I write it down.  After that I’ll keep working on the progression for the rest of the week until I feel I have the basics of a song.

When Saturday night rolls around I go down to my home studio I work on the arrangement and get the basic tracks recorded, usually bass, keyboards, and guitar, to a click track.

I will spend the following week rehearsing and working on a drum part.  It’s how I kill two birds with one stone.  I learn the song, create and tighten up my drum part while I’m getting in some practice time as well.

When the following Sunday morning comes around I’m in the studio laying down my drum part and since I spent a week working on it I usually get it down in one or two takes.  That leaves me time to try my hand at mixing.

So after reviewing how I developed habits for posting, practicing and song writing, I thought I need to develop a habit for poetry writing as well.

I need to set a goal for myself to write at least one poem a week.  It doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad or indifferent, I just need to write one.

If I develop that habit only one thing can happen and it’s exactly the same thing that happens with all my other habits, I’ll get better at what I am doing.

That’s the goal, to always be improving, to always be improving my playing, my writing and myself.

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