I saw this headline the other day and it was just another nail in the coffin for my NFL viewership.



“Rivera said he thought it was tremendously unfair that players are put in the position of showing their raw emotions as Newton did after the Carolina 24-10 loss to Denver.”

Excuse me?

Cam Newton acts like a spoiled twelve year old instead of a “professional” and now we want him or any of these mega rich athletes to be protected from the harsh realities of life?

I don’t begrudge anyone from making as much money as they can in a fair and honest manner.  But these guys make more money in one season than just about all of us will ever see in a life time.  Have you seen the size of Cam Newton’s contract?  Check it out here – spotrac.com

Everyone of these guys knows what the game is about.  They know there are winners and losers even if the fix is in.  And guess what, the loser still walks away with what most of us would consider an obscene about of money for playing a game.

Oh boohoo, you sucked when it was your time to shine.

You are a “professional”, man up to your poor performance.  Be a pro to the media and the fans and then go sulk like a baby in your $1,600,000 condo.

Tremendously unfair my ass.

Oh did we all want our participation trophy, has it spread this far up the food chain?

Guess what you all get your participation paycheck. The losing players in Super Bowl 50 walked away with $51,000.  How long does it take you to earn $51,000?

So to Ron Rivera, Cam Newton and all you so called “professional “ athletes that think it is “tremendously unfair” that after a big loss you have to talk to the people who are ultimately responsible for your,  not six figure, not seven figure, not eight figure but nine figure salary……SCREW YOU!

You want to talk about tremendously unfair?  Talk to the guy who after your big loss has the clean the toilets where you just took your big dump as you were trying to count all the zeros in your big paycheck.

And to Roger Goodell,  boy your league is really starting to suck.

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