I-95, The Corridor of Life

My wife and I took a trip to Florida.  We decided to see what it was like to make the drive.  It was a last minute decision right before the Thanksgiving holiday and airfares were so high.

The drive is around twelve to thirteen hours.  It can be a little longer depending on the weather.

So in the 96 hours of our four day trip we spent around 27 hours or close to one third of our time on the road traveling.  Most of the twenty seven hours was spent driving on the main east coast artery Interstate 95.


Normally I avoid I-95.  It’s always very busy especially around Baltimore and Washington DC.  But when you live on the East Coast and the Atlantic Coast of Florida is your destination you don’t have any other choice.  It’s either 13 hours of I-95 or 17 to 20 hours of some other route.

As I was sitting quietly behind the wheel I thought how driving I-95 and probably most major interstate routes is a metaphor for life.  The situations you find yourself in could be a comparison to your life.

I noticed how I would be driving stretches of the highway that were relatively car free, stretches where I would think to myself “this isn’t too bad.”  There were stretches where I could drift across all three lanes and not interfere with another car.  I could actually use the cruise control.  The driving was almost relaxing.

Then up ahead you see a pack of cars and trucks, suddenly you are in the thick of things.

You are almost bumper to bumper with cars in front, behind and beside you.  You have to watch out in all directions.

And then here comes the inevitable asshole driver.  You know the one who has to dart and dash from lane to lane.  The one who makes unsafe lane changes just to get one car length ahead of the car in front of them and as quickly as they just cut you off, they change lanes again and cut off someone else.

It’s the driver who will put their life and your life at risk just to be ahead of you and the next car.

As you are maneuvering you way through this white knuckle fiasco you come upon the source of all the congestion.

It’s the ultra safe driver or I should say the driver who thinks they are being ultra safe.  The car that’s in the fast lane going 71 in a 70 mph speed zone.  The car going just fast enough to overtake the car in the right hand land but it will take them the next five miles to do so.

You were just cruising along and now you’re stuck in the mayhem you can’t avoid.

We are all on the same road and we are all trying to get somewhere fast.  In the process we cause each other and ourselves a lot of aggravation.

Then suddenly you notice all the chaos has subsided.  The slow pokes are left behind and the “Speed Racers” are over the horizon in front of you.

The drive is again relaxing and you try to enjoy your ten or fifteen minutes of pleasant travel because you know you’ll soon overtake the next round of slow pokes and be joined by the NASCAR wannabes.  You will soon be right back in the thick of things.

It’s life in a nutshell.

All I want to do is get to where I going and travel the country roads.

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