You Don’t See The “BIG” Picture

I wrote about how I don’t like the term “reach out” has been hijacked.

Well here’s another phrase that’s been hijacked and used mainly as an excuse.

“You don’t see the big picture.”

It’s usually a statement you hear right after you just explained to the boss why his suggestion or edict is not going to work or why a customer’s order might not be good business.

You’ve been in the trenches, you understand the process.  You’ve experienced the pitfalls of what you’re now being told to do.

You’ve taken the time to lay out your case and thoroughly explain the issues with what is being done.

And as you finish laying out in great detail the error in what is being proposed they look down at you and say, “Well, you just don’t see the big picture.”

What?  Please explain it to me.

I’m sorry I didn’t realize the company policies, procedures and business model were all established around this “big picture”.  The big picture where we waste as much money and time as possible?  Is that the one I don’t see?

No, I see the “big picture” alright.

The “big picture” is just a big picture of pride.

There is no “big picture”.

What there is is a simple picture, a simple picture of a goal the entire organization should be working together to achieve.

The simple picture in business is to make money.  What other goal is there?

How you do that is dependent on who you are as a person.

Whether you are sinister or altruistic in your methods doesn’t change the fact. The simple picture is to make money.

You can choose to help the community with your gains, let your worker share in your gains and be philanthropic.  Or you can choose to be like Montgomery Burns.

But you can’t choose anything if you’re not making money.

If you are not in business to make money then get out otherwise you’ll be put out quicker than you can say “big picture”.

“You don’t see the big picture.” I’ve learned over the years is just a copout .

If I’m missing a piece of the puzzle then give it to me to help me understand your business and I’ll continue to make you money.  But we are smart enough to know that when you it costs you more to buy or make than what you sell it for, well we get that “big picture”.

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