Is Your Lunch Hour Sacred?

Is your lunch hour a sacred time for you?

My lunch hour has become my writing time.  It’s one of the few hours through the day that I am left alone.

Most employees in an office environment use the lunch hour to get out of the building and get some lunch.  That’s not a bad idea but for me it’s very difficult to go somewhere and get food that is healthy in less than an hour.  Plus it can get pretty expensive eating out for lunch every day.  You might be able to get a quick meal for five dollars but it’s going to fatten your belly and clog your arteries.

Even at just five dollars a day it adds up.  If you work the normal 250 days a year that comes to $1250 on cheap, crappy food.

But that’s everyone’s choice.

I’m OK with it because it pretty much empties the office and leaves me to work on my writing.

Just about every post I write, I write over my lunch hour at work.

So I take this time very seriously.

But there is always that person who decides today they are going to stay in over lunch.  They don’t know how sacred your lunch hour is, how important that one hour of solitude is to you.

They sit at their desk and blab, blab, blab like they are sitting at McDonalds and like you care about what they have to talk about.  All you want to say is this is my time please get out of it.  They are oblivious to their intrusion.

Or there’s the boss who takes their lunch hour whenever and for however long they feel like taking it.  They are working on something and want to get it done before they take their hour or hours.

They saunter over to your desk and say “Oh I’m sorry you’re eating your lunch but (screw you) I really need you to get this done.”  What they fail to add is, “so I can enjoy my lunch at the country club”.

For all of you that take your lunch hour to be social hour that’s fine.  Find your other social hour friends and have a good time, really I truly mean that.

But leave us antisocial types to the joy and seclusion of our sacred hour of peace, quiet and solitude, our lunch hour.

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