Best Of Both Worlds

Not sure where this post is going to go but this is something I wanted to write about.

My wife and I took yet another large step towards making a huge change in our lives.

After living in our house for the last twenty five years, raising two kids, having two family dogs and watching our grandson grow from a newborn to a tween, we signed an agreement to sell the house.

Two months prior we closed on a home in Florida and our intentions were to move there as soon as possible.  It’s tough enough keeping one house much less two.

At the time I thought our house would take months to sell and was even concern it could run into a year or longer.

Well I guess we are out of the 2008 housing market recession because we had the home sold or at least under agreement before it even hit the market.

Now it still could fall through because anyone in business knows the deal isn’t done until you get paid.  But what I wanted to write about is the excitement I feel knowing that within the next few months my wife and I will begin a new adventure.

It’s cool thinking that in our late fifties we are selling most of our possessions and moving to a warm sunny location to start over.

Of course we have some anxiety about it.  It’s tough to just up and pull yourself out your comfort zone.

But it’s exciting, knowing that I am going to be doing and experiencing all kinds of new things.  It’s exciting to be making major changes in my life in my late fifties.

It makes me feel young.  It gives me the anticipation I had when I was in my twenties and my wife and I picked up what little we had and moved to Pittsburgh,

I thought after signing the sales agreement on my current home I would have some remorse about selling what has been our home for the last twenty five years but besides the memories (I’ll always have them, I didn’t sell the memories.) the house holds a lot stuff that I really don’t mind parting with.

I guess I feel like I’m going to get the best of both worlds.

Like a young man I get to make a fresh start in a great warm and sunny climate and I get to take along the experience and wisdom of an old man which will help guide me through this change.

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