Love Runs Deep

This post may never see the light of day but it’s something I wanted to write about while I have some clear thoughts on the subject.

The subject of this post is one that will cause my grown children to recoil in disgust if they choose to read any further.    But here goes.

I made love to my wife a few nights ago. (If my kids are reading I’m sure they just swiped to another page.)

With all that’s been going on in our lives it was the first time in probably two months that we had to enjoy each other, maybe longer.  We’ve been so busy and have had so much on our minds that when we finally get an opportunity to enjoy each other, one or us or both of us are just too damn tired to even think about it.

And of course there is our age.  Both of us are peering over the wall at sixty and fifty is long gone in the rear view mirror.  We just aren’t as biologically driven to procreate.

Anyway we finally have an evening alone and had just enough gas in the tank to take care of business.

(If my kids were brave enough to read this far they should get a medal of valor if they read any further.  You’ve been warned.)

My wife and I headed off to the bedroom.  We use to use the whole house but now we have three dogs who end up staring at us the whole time. It’s weird.  So if we want any privacy we are relegated to the bedroom.

When we were younger, first married and even into our thirties and forties the lights were left on most of the time.  It added to the experience.

I remember how much we enjoyed each other when we first got married.  I remember the rented farmhouse and the sunlight streaming through the windows as we would partake in a little morning, afternoon and evening delight, numerous times throughout the week.

Afternoon delights are now a popsicle and a nap.

We are so much older and our bodies have changed.  We keep the lights off most of the time but the experience is still as great as it ever was just not as often.  The quality is there just the quantity has been reduced.

(Okay kids, direct warning once you read this you can’t unread it!)

Who knows how many thousands of times we have made love before, but what I noticed this time was this.

The lights were off, it was dark.  I hadn’t felt my wife for at least two months but as I ran my hands over here body I noticed how familiar she felt.

We have gone through all kinds of mental and physical changes over the past thirty seven year but as my hands were caressing her skin I thought how familiar she was, how right she felt.

I thought this is my wife and I know her by the touch of my hand.  This is truly love.  Her skin, her entire body was so comfortable, so familiar just by touch.   I don’t need my eyes to know it’s her.   God how I love her.

There’s a song there, I just need to find it.

(Well kids if you made it this far you’ve learn true love runs deep.)

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