Neighbors Help

This is a follow up to my last post.

Through the process of writing that post about the unfortunate family whose house burned to the ground I realized that I needed to do something.  I had this compelling feeling that I need to do more than just feel sympathy for that family.

Here I was writing about and chastising society for feeling bad but sitting back and letting the government or someone else take care of situation.

This was God putting into my heart to do some work.  Not to do it for any recognition or thanks by others but simply to do something for these people because it’s what we are supposed to do as human beings, a prerequisite for being human.

I made up my mind that after work that day I was going to drive by the house and if the husband and/or wife were there I was going to offer whatever assistance I could to ease their situation.

Knowing that they had two small boys (I found out later they’re expecting a third child) and knowing that they had lost everything in the fire, I immediately thought about all the clothing we have stored away that were my grandson’s.   And I thought of all the good toys we had boxed up that he never plays with anymore.

At the very least I could offer them as much of this as they wanted since their two boys are considerably younger than my grandson.

It was the least that I could do to help them.

On my way home from work I turned down the street and drove by their house.  I was amazed at the damaged done to their home.  The roof and two of the side walls had completely collapsed which sent the first floor into the basement.  In just thirty minutes this family had lost all their possessions.

Unfortunately as I drove by the raised home I could see that no one was around.  The fire police had the whole area marked off with caution tape and no trespassing signs.  I had no idea where the family was being sheltered by the Red Cross.

I drove on to my home ready to discuss with my wife what we could do to help.

My wife pulled into the driveway the same time I arrived at our house and we went into our house together.

As I was getting ready to talk to her about my idea to help she starts to tell me how the neighbor of the family in need had posted on Facebook about the fire and the displaced family.  She told me how they were asking if anyone had any clothing, especially for the young boys, to please bring it to their home and they would get it to the family.

Then both my wife and I looked in our family room to see that our daughter had already washed, sorted and folded all of the clothing my grandson had out grown.  She had it prepared to donate to the family.

I found out that my family was thinking the same as I was thinking.

We loaded up my truck and took the clothing to the neighbors for them to forward onto the family in need.  We kept the toys we had gotten together to give to them at a later date.  We found out that the family was currently living in a hotel room courtesy of the Red Cross and really didn’t have room for many toys.

As we talked with the neighbors we learned that other neighbors had been stopping by asking what they could do to help.

Some of the neighbors dropped off clothes for the mom and dad.  This family was literally left with only a car and the clothes on their backs.

Maybe it was just the shock of watching your neighbor’s house burn to the ground that kept everyone from immediately offering assistance.  I know I was pretty much speechless when I walked up the hill and saw the flames consuming the house.

After the shock had a chance to wear off I realized I had to do something. Apparently so did the rest of the neighborhood.

I guess there is still some hope for mankind.

God lives in us all.

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