Out Of My Comfort Zone

I’ve been kind of stifled on what to write.  I’ve missed a couple of days and I want to make sure I don’t lose my writing habit.  So today’s piece may never become a post but at least I did some writing.

I am moving to Florida.

Moving south to warmer climates has always been a dream of my wife and myself for a number of years and now we own a home within walking distance of the beach in a location where the water never freezes and the snow never flies.

We own a home that is less than two blocks from one of my best friends.  I am very excited about being able to work with him after being apart for over twenty five years.

Financially we are able to do this.  My current home is sold, it went under contract before it even hit the market.  I am able to continue working for my current company from my home at the beach.

So far everything has fallen right into place, better than I ever expected.

My wife and I are excited about this new chapter in our lives.  I look at it not so much as reinventing myself but letting out a part of me that has been under wraps for a long time.

So why, with all the positives about this move, why do I wake up at 4:00 AM almost in panic mode?  Then as I lie there awake my panic turns into melancholy.

I will miss my son, daughter and grandson but they need to form a life for themselves.  My son and daughter are both in their thirties, so it’s time.   And it’s not like they won’t be visiting mom and dad at their home in Florida by the beach.

I guess sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning out twenty five years worth of stuff. And I guess that this feeling of being overwhelmed contributes to the early morning panic sessions.

But I’m sure most of this is caused by making myself get out of my comfort zone.  It’s very difficult.

As much as I may get totally bored with my current life (up to the point of actually moving) there is a comfort with the familiarity of if all.

I tell myself the pain of pulling myself out of the boring but comfortable routine will be worth it when I finally start to live the next chapter in my life.

I’m sure I’ll fall into a routine in our new location but I’m expecting part of that routine to be exploring new places and things, both external and internal.

Sometimes I think about just keeping it the status quo.  It’s so comfortable and making this change will make it uncomfortable for a while.

But that would mean where I am now in my life, well that’s it.  It would be the last chapter in my life and it would never really get much better.  Not that my life is bad but I’m just not done.

Even as I begin to push sixty I feel there is more I need to do with my life.

I’m not sure exactly what it is but I do know that after twenty seven years of my comfortable career, home and work routine I am ready to move on.

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