She Said This! Well He Said That!

I thought I would write about the corruption of politics in this country and I am sure it’s the same everywhere.

I’ll try not tip my hand as to which side I lean towards in this year’s presidential election cycle.  And I know like most of you, I have had just about enough of the whole mess.

Watching the point counter point, the horrible mudslinging ads, and the ego filled self-indulgence has made me tired of the whole process.

It has become infantile and through social media a lot of responsible citizens have joined the candidates in the political cesspool.

One side is caught in a lie.  The other side points out that lie.

In the adult world or I should say in a world where grownups act like mature responsible adults, if that “adult” were caught in a lie they would realize their error and sincerely apologize.  They may offer a valid explanation but they would be contrite and ask for forgiveness from those they hurt with their lie.

The “adult” would learn from the experience and even though we are not infallible they would try very hard not to lie again.

But what happens in the world of politics?

There is no contrition, no admission of guilt or error.  There is no repentance of sin, no apologizes, no attempt at making things right.

No, like children it turns into a lesson in vanity.

What is the approach by politicians when caught in a lie?

It is simple and immature.

The response is this. “Well they lied too, here let me prove it to you.”

Just like a clique of high school kids we all line up behind our favorite popular guy or gal and parrot the response.

More and more I tend to want to be more like the geek, the nerd or weirdo and just sit at the lunch table by myself and chose not to participate in such nonsense.

The problem is these people will be running our lives, so I must try to participate no matter how painful, dirty or futile it feels.

I’m sure it’s been going on since the first time a tribal council sat down around the fire and tried to decide who gets to be the bait for tomorrow’s hunting party.

Vanity a source of evil.

“Under all wrong doing lies personal vanity or the feeling that we are endowed and privileged beyond our fellows.”

James Stephens

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