Can’t Let The What If’s Run My Life

Just a quick piece to keep myself in the writing habit.

The ideas have dried up and some of that is because I’ve let myself get out of the idea habit.

I’m thinking about so many other things that I don’t take the time to realize a thought or an idea would be something I could write about.

Today I thought I would touch on a note I had stuffed in my journal for a number of weeks.

It’s a note that I would look at and stuff back into my journal with all the other notes.  I considered it a marginal idea at the time.  I hung onto the note because what seems like a mediocre or even bad idea today can be a good one tomorrow.

The topic was one which applies to me at this point in my life and I’m sure it applies to a lot of other people.

The note said, “I can’t let the ‘what if’s’ run my life.”

I feel like I have conquered much of the “what if’s” paralysis I use to suffer.

I made the decision and executed the plan to move south after living twenty five years in the same house and working the same job for twenty seven years. I purchased another home over 900 miles away and sold my old home.

Now that kind of decision and planning is full of “what if’s”.  You can come up with enough “what if’s” to keep you from getting up in the morning, but I overcame all of them.

I’ve managed to get over that hurdle, but the “what if’s” can still stop me.

They can stop me from enjoying my life and the decisions I make.

I have to realize that I am smart, disciplined, and honest enough to be able to handle everything that life can throw at me.

I have plenty of experience to avoid major mistakes and if I do make one of those big mistakes or if life throws something unexpected my way I can deal with it.

I just need to relax, be smart, be honest and be confident in myself and my abilities.

I need to keep the “what if’s” in their place.

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