To all the millennials, Generation Xer’s, and even some of you left over Baby Boomers, out there losing your minds over the latest election results, I say the following, “RELAX”.

Why do I say that?

Experience, and this is primarily aimed at all you millennials who sorely lack the one thing that no one or nothing can give to you, only time.

Experience has shown me that in the grand scheme of things, meaning your and my insignificant existence, whoever wins the Presidency, the House or the Senate really doesn’t matter.

Millennials, I know this comes as a shock to you, and perhaps you can’t comprehend that in reality, yours, mine and everyone else’s life is insignificant when compared to all that is going on in the world and universe.

So just breathe and relax if you can. Perhaps go to your designated safe place and let your participation trophies give you comfort while you read the rest of this.

Let’s get back to my point about experience.

In my life I have seen eleven Presidents, six Republicans and five Democrats.

Guess what.

I survived everyone!

And guess what else.

As I look back, each year was better than the one that preceded it.  I recall growing and prospering from one year to the next.

I don’t look back and say, “Oh, during the Bush years I did really well and then Clinton came along and I lost it all and my life was thrown into utter chaos.”

Why did I grow and why was each year better than the last despite who was in  office?

Because through experience I learned that where I am “special”, what truly matters in my own little insignificant life, is the fact that I control my life.  I, and only I, have the power and the ability to make my life better or worse, not any President, not  any Congressman, or Senator.

(Again millennials you may want to find your safe place when you read this next sentence.)

The power and the ability to control my life, the power to make it better, comes from one magical thing.  It’s called HARD WORK.

So stop whining and stop protesting.  It’s useless, gets nothing accomplished. (I’ll talk about that in a later post.)  It wastes time and energy you could be putting into controlling your life, instead of moaning about who you want to let control your life.

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