Happy Birthday Carlos Vega

Happy Birthday Carlos Vega

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite drummers, Carlos Vega.  So I thought I would repost this piece in his honor.

I wanted to write about Carlos Vega.

Carlos Vega is a session drummer I would put right up there with Steve Gadd and Jim Keltner.

My first encounter with the name Carlos Vega was when I was reviewing the credits on James Taylor’s album “Hourglass”.

“Hour Glass” was suggested to me by my friend.  He wanted me to listen to the inner workings of the bass and drums.  We thought it was Lee Sklar and Russ Kunkel.  So I was surprised when I checked the credits online (You can’t sit and read the cover and liner notes like in the old days.) and saw the names Carlos Vega on drums and Jimmy Johnson on bass.

At the time I wasn’t real familiar with either of them.  But over the past few years I have learned more and more about them and their work both separate and together.

The album “Hourglass” is a great album and the playing of Carlos Vega and Jimmy Johnson is great.

So after listening to this album over and over I started to see Carlos Vega’s name popping up on credits all over the place.  I started to seek out albums that he appeared on such as Michael Landau’s Tales from the Bulge and more James Taylor albums.  I found his name on the hit single “From A Distance” by Bette Midler.

The more I listened to him play the more I wanted to try to find out about him as a person. Continue reading