Melancholy Goodbye

I wrote this piece on my last day at the office, the office I had gone to for twenty seven years.

Today is my last day of going to work at my current office.

I will still be working for the same company after I relocate to Florida, but I’ll be working from my home and with scaled back hours.

So really today is my last day of getting up and going through my morning rituals.  It’s the last day of fighting traffic just to get to the same building at the same time every working day.  I’ve been doing it at the same location for twenty seven years and at different locations for almost forty years, working a nine to five that is.

I woke up early this morning but I wasn’t rejoicing.  Truthfully I was a bit nervous.

As much as I want this change and as great as it is to be able to scale back my hours, work from home and keep my benefits, I wonder how I will adapt to the change.

Driving to work this morning everything seemed to go much slower.  I thought about how working for this company at the same location for twenty seven years was the second longest thing I did in my life.  The longest was being married, thirty seven years and counting.

I thought about how I felt when I graduated high school.  I remembered the sheer joy I had when I thought, I never have to go back there again, it’s over.

When I use to think about my final day of going to the office, especially when times were rough at the office, I thought I would experience the same kind of joy and elation that I did when I graduated high school.

But this morning I was a little sad.

I guess it was because I am leaving behind a big part of my life.  At one point my job felt like my whole life.

I will miss some of my coworkers although there were no real bonding friendships with any of them, but they were a part of my life for a long time.

At fifty nine years of age I am experiencing something that I have never experienced and that is good.

I guess I didn’t think I would feel the way I felt today.

If I want to move forward I have to say goodbye to that which is behind me, good, bad or indifferent and turn around and say hello to that which is in front of me.

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