Lost Its Art

One weekend last fall my sister and her husband came in from out of town.  They have a second home which is a log cabin located in the woods close to my house.

My family took this opportunity to get together and have an early Thanksgiving dinner and since it was on a Sunday that we gathered together the NFL games were on the TV.

I stopped watching the NFL and most other sports except for the NHL, which is the only sport I really follow anymore.  Baseball is starting to make a bit of a comeback for me.

Watching these NFL games, along with the pregame, in game and post game commentators reminded me why I stopped watching the sport.

It’s not about the game anymore, it’s about making money.

I’m certainly not against making money, I’m all for it.

But why do I want to invest my precious time and emotions into a money making machine, which is exactly what the networks and the league have turned the NFL into.

They have taken the “art” out of the sport.

It’s strictly a business anymore and all you are watching is cogs in the machine go around and around.

And they are doing this to all professional sports.

NFL quarterbacks use to call all their own plays and make their own decisions, there was no radio communications.

Players played every down, some played on both sides of the ball.  Scouting reports were just that, reports.  You had film but not like what’s available today.

Every detail is taken to the nth degree and I fully understand why.  There is a lot of money involved.

All the players and coaches are just precision pieces manufactured to do a specific task in the machine.

There are no more “heroes”, just wealthy guys who have a little niche they carved out.

Some are just big, spoiled, jerks that are over pampered and protected by the owners of the machine.

Maybe it’s still the same and I’ve grown up and out grown the emotional needs the sport use to fulfill.

The art is gone.   It’s all predetermined with decisions already made before players take the field.   It’s about numbers that are managed by numbers and technology.

For me it’s just lost its wonder.  It’s lost its art.

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