How Little Time

Last winter right before Christmas I witnessed something that happened right outside my window at work.

Around 4:00 PM as the early darkness of winter was making its way into the day I heard an ambulance siren.  It’s not unusual to hear these sirens.  Normally they are on their way to somewhere down the road.

But this day it stopped right outside my window at the company across the street.

I could see an employee standing outside signaling the ambulance to stop and showing the paramedics where to go in the building.

Right behind the ambulance was the “Advanced Life Support” vehicle. I thought to myself, uh oh that means heart attack.  Then a second “Advanced Life Support” vehicle arrived on the scene.

That was followed by a fire truck and when I looked further down the road I saw a police car in front of the ambulance.

The EMT’s quickly removed the gurney from the ambulance and made their way inside along with the advanced life support personnel.

About five minutes later they came back out wheeling the gurney with the patient.  I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.  The patient was covered with a number of bunched up blankets.

However I could see that they were administering CPR.

Within a minute they had them loaded in the ambulance and it was gone.

I will never know who that person was or what happened to them.

The company across the street is very tight lipped about the most mundane things so it wouldn’t do any good to inquire.

I do know that the whole experience really caused me to stop and think.  If I hadn’t talked to my doctor about my chest pains five years ago that could have been me they were wheeling out to an ambulance.

How precious our time is on this earth, how suddenly it can all be changed or taken away.

It made the problems I have seem small.  It made wanting to make a change in my life and pursue what I love more urgent.

Over time the effects of witnessing this type of event will wear off.  What I need to do is every time I look out my window I need to remember how little time we all have.

I don’t want the last thing I see on this earth to be the place where I work.

That event also needs to serve as a reminder that I need to keep taking care of myself.

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