Why I Write, Again

It has been two years since I started this blog.  Those two years have seen many changes.

My wife and I sold a vast majority of our possessions, including the house we lived in for twenty five years and moved our lives nine hundred miles to the south.

I still work for the same company that I have worked for the last twenty seven years but now I work from my home.  I wake up, go to the bathroom, make a cup of coffee, sit down at my computer and I am at the office.

And best of all I am in a band.

We gig once or twice a week, and now that we have an established line up of players we should be able to do a steady three gigs a week.

But through all this upheaval in my life I have lost one of my favorite habits.  I have lost the habit of writing.

This is the first new post I have written in almost one month.

I woke up on this first day of this new year and said I must get back to writing.  I must continue to write.

So I went back to look at my first post from two years ago (January 2, 2015).  It was titled “Why I Write”.

I knew then why I was writing, but now what I had forgotten was the one paragraph in my first post.

“As I walked down the hall I noticed how different I felt. I felt good about myself.  I felt at ease.  I was amazed at how relaxed and relieved I was after doing this daily exercise.”

This paragraph was talking about how I felt at work after I took about a half hour each day during my lunch break to write down my thoughts and ideas.  It was about how cathartic the process of writing was for me.

I must say, after starting the new year by finally writing again, the process is still very cathartic.

My blog posts have gone in many different directions.  Some of the posts are in directions I never thought about when I started blogging two years ago.

For me the direction really wasn’t that important.  What was important was that I was writing everyday.

In 2017 I must make sure I make the time to write.  I must reestablish my writing habit.  I must write again every day.

This will help me achieve my annual new year’s resolution, my resolution to be happy.

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