What Others Think

More Ecclesiastics today.

Ecclesiastics 7:21-22

Do not take heart all the things that people say, lest you hear your servants cursing you.  Your heart knows that many times you yourself have cursed others.

I love this book and the lessons of King Solomon.

What is Solomon saying?

He is simply saying what others think of you and have to say about you isn’t important.

Your self esteem and sense of worth should not come from the opinions of others because it’s not important.  What others think about you and say about you is not what matters in your life.

What matters is your relationship with God.

If someone curses you or comments about your life, your choices or your loved ones, what can you do?

Do you think you’re going to set them straight?  No you are not.

Even if you try, their opinions will remain the same just like your own opinions do about others.

Simply speaking, what is really important is your heart with God.  If you have your heart set straight with God then it will be straight with others.

Christ preached this in his Sermon on the Mount.  He preached that the simplicity of life, the simplicity of being is you and God, that’s it.  Get that right and the rest will fall into place.  All the answers are with you as God has placed them there from the start.

I will follow up on this in my next post.  It will deal with Matthew 6:1-18 where Christ talks about how it is not about what others think of you.

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