It’s About The Groove (Don’t Be So Serious)

In a post I worte the purpose of art is to fill the void where worry waits to live.  At least that’s how it is for me.

Listening, creating or just thinking about music or whatever art form pleases you can take away your cares and stop them from moving in.

I think about these statements when I play my drums, or write songs, or write poems or even when I am writing these posts.

I think about how I get lost in the moment, how I never want the feeling I get from doing these creative things to end.

When it does end I want to get back at it. I think about it and plan how I can find the time to do more.

I think about getting back in the groove.

I’ve noticed that the only time when I’m not having fun with the process is when I take myself too serious.

I write something and then get a bit depressed because I think it isn’t very good and anyone who may hear it or read it is going to say, what a delusional loser.  I act as if what I am doing is important to the well being of the art, like it really matters.

It does matter to me.  That’s what’s really important, am I happy.

Now I didn’t say am I satisfied, but am I happy meaning I know I gave it my best.

I keep changing and improving my works and myself until I reach my current limit of abilities, so when I read what I have written or listen to what I have recorded I can honestly say it’s is currently my best, I like it and it’s better than the last piece.

I’ll never be 100% satisfied.  That is what pushes me to practice and improve.

I watch for improvement no matter how large or how small I watch for progress.

When I do that, when I say I like it and it’s better than the last piece, then I can’t wait to do the next one.  I’m happy.

So if no one ever reads it or hears it, it doesn’t matter.

I jump into it 100% every time and let myself be my best critic, knowing that it’s fun and knowing to not take myself too serious.

The fun is in the doing and knowing that it is about the groove.

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