Lowered The Bar, Again

I have written a number of posts about how mass media, and we as a society have trivialized our lives.  Perhaps it’s more like how we have lowered the bar, lowered the standards so we can all be special, a special kind of stupid.

I came across another wonderful example of this in the fall of 2016.

I was channel surfing and just happened to land on a commercial for that wildly popular show “The Walking Dead”, of which I’ve never watched one episode.  I just don’t get the whole “zombie” premise.

Normally I would have blown right by this commercial but my daughter was a big fan of the show so I stopped to see what they were saying. What they said surprised me.  It was something in all my years of TV viewing, which in my younger days was a lot of viewing, I had never heard.

I don’t recall the exact words leading up to the phrase, but I can’t forget the phrase they used to promote the upcoming show.

What they said was “Don’t miss The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale!”

I heard it, they actually call it the “mid-season finale”.

What does that mean?

Finale: the LAST piece of music, performance, or a public event, especially when particularly dramatic or exciting.

How about some synonyms for finale: climax, culmination, end, ending, finish, close, conclusion, termination, last act, final scene.

Mid: being the part in the MIDDLE or midst, occupying a middle position.

So someone please explain to me how you have the END in the MIDDLE!

Remember when TV shows started a new season in September when you went back to school and had new episodes every week except for the Christmas holiday?  And they ran these new shows from September right through May, ending just before your summer vacation arrived.

Summer TV viewing was filled with reruns and some crappy fill in shows.  Well some were crappy and some actually made it into the regular season programming but I guess that doesn’t mean they weren’t crappy as well.

Now they run eight or ten shows and take off for three months before they run another short set of episodes.

I understand cable and satellite TV, the explosion of channels has changed the entertainment landscape, but that’s not what bugs me.

What bugs me is the sheer nonsense of making a big deal for a show that’s in the middle of the season, if you can even call them seasons anymore.  What bugs me is the hyped, nonsensical phrase MID season FINALE, or having the END in the MIDDLE.

It’s not the finale.  It’s just the last time that show will air in that time slot for a couple of weeks while they throw something else against the wall to see what sticks.

It’s making an amazing big deal over some awesome nothingness about an epic mediocre show.

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