Why Didn’t They Call

This is a quick post about a piece I read in the news a few weeks ago.

I read an article about some protesters who got fired from their jobs and of course they were pissed off.

At first you would think they were being denied their first amendment right to free speech.  You might think maybe their employer didn’t agree with what they were protesting and decided to fire them.

But then I read further and discovered the reason for their dismissal was they never bothered to inform their boss that they would not be coming to work.

I know through all the years and all the jobs I have ever worked in my life, one of your first responsibilities as an employee is, if you are not going to show up for work you have the duty and more importantly the courtesy to call in and inform your boss or someone that you won’t be in that day.  And if you don’t do that you better have a pretty good excuse as to why you didn’t.  Especially in this day and age where communication with the world can be carried in your pocket.

I can remember being in the hospital, in the emergency room, asking my wife to make sure she calls my office to let them know I won’t be coming to work.

The protester’s excuse was, we thought we would be reprimanded but we didn’t think we’d get fired.

Here you have a group of protesters going to protest what I guess they feel is being disrespected by the political system, but what do they do in the process?  They thumb their noses at their boss, their employer.

They disrespect others while they demand respect.  They disrespect their boss and their fellow employees.

And the sad part is they probably don’t understand how they disrespected anyone.

They knew what they were doing was wrong.  The children knew they were misbehaving but like a child they didn’t care about the consequences of their actions.  They knew they weren’t supposed to just not show up to work, but they probably thought, oh they’ll all think were so cool and such good, caring people that it will all be OK.

Being a manager for several years I understand all too well the issues you face when you come into the office in the morning and see that voicemail light flashing on your phone.  You playback the message and hear that one of your team members won’t be coming in.  It happens and you have to deal with it, but now your department plans for the day are shot.

So even if you don’t care about the impact an unplanned absence has on your boss, your fellow employees have to pick up the slack, your slack.

So now imagine the issues when someone is wondering, where is so and so? Are they coming in today?  Are they going to show up? Are they OK? What is going on?

I would have fired these protesters myself when I found out their reason for not taking one minute to call and let me know they wouldn’t be in that day.  And my reason would have nothing to do with whatever it was they were protesting.

Why didn’t they call?

Well like immature, irresponsible children they knew if they asked mom and dad for permission they may catch some grief.  So rather than stand up and be an adult, they thought they just wouldn’t say anything, have their fun and then probably just get grounded afterwards.

What they didn’t expect was a good old fashion ass whooping.  How unfair.

I guess now they’ll have lots of time to protest that.

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