Top Ten Things I Hate About The Cubicle World – Part I

For 17 years I was a manager and always had my own office.  You need a private space when you manage people.  There are a lot of confidential papers and conversations.

As the company grew so did my office and its

When I resigned from my management position my office had become very comfortable.  It had become a second home.  I will never let that happen again.  Don’t ever let your office be a home, it’s not.

Now I am in the cubicle world.

I’ve noticed that I have developed a number of pet peeves that I didn’t have to deal with when I had my own office.

I was never one of those managers who hid behind the closed doors of my office.  They were always opened except when I was doing confidential business.

Although I’ll never go back to management again I sure wouldn’t mind having an office to avoid these things that I hate about the cubicle world.

Here are number 10 through 6.  I’ll cover number 5 through 1 in my next post.horses-grazing

10. The Office Eater

I’m not talking about the people who bring their lunch and eat it at their cubicle over the lunch hour, I’m one of them.

No these are the ones who can’t seem to get up early enough to eat their breakfast before they get to work or the ones who figure that the lunch hour is nap time and they’ll just eat their lunch while everyone else is working.

Now they don’t just eat bananas or a nice soft ham and cheese sandwich.  Nope it’s a bag of hard pretzels, a bag of carrots or a bag of some extra crunchy substance.  They sit there while you’re trying to concentrate on your work going crunch, crunch, crunch.

Did you ever feed a horse a carrot or have you been around the barn when they are given their grain and hay?

That’s the sounds of my cubicle world from 8 AM to 9 AM and again from 1 PM to 2 PM, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.

If they do finally decide to eat something soft like a quiet breakfast of oatmeal it’s usually some fancy concoction of flavors that stinks up the whole cubicle world.

I miss my office.chattykathy

9. The Office Talker

With this one there is no such thing as a long story short, but they do love to use that phrase as they just wasted another 5 minutes of your life.

You may avoid being sucked into their need to gab but being in the cubicle world you are always within an ear shot of the drivel that just continuously pours out of their mouth.

Maybe the office eater could share some of their food with them to shut them up.  No they’d probably just talk with food in their mouth and that would be disgusting as well as annoying.Drama Queen

8. The Office Drama Queen

I think we all have a bit of drama queen in us but these are the ones who reign supreme.

Do not ask them on Monday about their weekend.  Most times you don’t even have to ask because you will hear the tales of illness, personal persecution, disasters and heroism all rolled into a Saturday and a Sunday.

In fact it’s not just the weekends it’s every night and day.

Always a crisis to deal with and you get to hear all about it, like it or not.

I really miss my office.Office Grump

7. The Office Grump

Again don’t ask about their weekend.  You won’t get a long story but what you will get is a grunt and a look of distain if they even look at you.

They will let you know they are pissed off.  Please no smiles or pleasantries because I’m pissed off.  Did you know I’m pissed off, well I am pissed off just in case you haven’t notice.  So go back to your hole and just deal with the fact that I’m pissed off and I’ll be sure to let you know I’m pissed off.

But what they really want you to do is ask “why are you pissed off?”

I don’t because I don’t care to know.

Dude lighten up.Paranoid

6. The Office Paranoid

This is the person who every time the boss or bosses go behind closed doors pulls you aside and says “Are they talking about me? Am I getting fired?”  Or when someone leaves the company to pursue another career says “Did they quit because of me?”

They’ll come by your spot and start to tell you about how they couldn’t complete a task in the allotted amount of time and now they’ll probably get fired.

Maybe if you spent less time running around telling everyone about your unsubstantiated fears you’d have more time to get you work done.

There’s number 10 through 6.  Next up number 5 to number 1.

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