It’s tax day tomorrow so I thought I would run this post again.

Over the weekend I did the one thing that is pretty much guaranteed to put me in a bad mood.  I did my income tax returns.

When I see how much I give the government in income tax it pisses me off, not to mention sales tax, real estate tax, per capita tax and so on and so on.

Don’t give me that crap about paying my fair share.   That horseshit is served up to the masses by the politician we make rich, and I mean rich.  They prosper off of the sweat of yours and my brow.

At one point I was prompted by the tax program to enter the whopping $47 I made in interest and I could watch as Washington immediately took $10 to $15.  It pisses me off and it should piss you off.

I know we need infrastructure, we need to help those truly and let’s emphasize TRULY in need.  And believe it or not all you peace loving hippies out there, we need protection from evil, those who hate us and at the same time covet what we have.

I realize all that costs money.

But if that was all we paid for, yours, mine and everyone’s taxes would be a pittance compared to the extortion money we pay today.

Fraud, corruption and just plain old waste abound.  Why, because those who collect the money get use to having the money, the money they take to fill their pockets.  So why change a good thing.

But none of this rant is anything new to me or you.  It’s been going on and will continue to go on as long as man and government exist.

So what set me off this tax year?

As I completed my returns I calculated, actually the computer calculated, that I was to receive a small tax refund.

I usually get a very small refund every year.  I always get a chuckle out of financial morons who are so excited about the big refund they are getting from the government each year.

Hey Einstein, you just gave the government a couple of thousand dollars loan, interest free.  On top of that they can take up to eight weeks to give your money back because they are busy doing other things like figuring out how to keep more of it next year.

See what happens when you owe them a couple of thousand dollars.  See if you get to pay it back interest free and take your sweet old time paying them back.

Anyway what caught my attention after seeing my little refund amount was the address I was to use if I were going file my returns by the U S Mail to get my refund.

The second line reads “Credit/Refund Requested”.


Like I am saying oh please gods of Washington, please grant my humble request and return to me that which is rightfully mine. Please if you can see it in your  dark heart, please return to me that which I earned and which you extorted from my paycheck before I had a chance to touch it with my unworthy fingers.  Please grant me this one request and give me back my money.

So how does the second line read if you owe?


No request or plea for you to pay, not even a polite little please.


So pay up asshole or we will cart your ass off to jail, unless of course you’re one of us.

And your PAYMENT DUE comes with a vig that would make Vito Corleone proud.

You request, they demand.

Any you think this is all about paying your fair share, silly rabbit.

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