My Writing Habits

My Writing Habits

I thought I would post a couple of pieces I have written in regards to the changes that happened in my life over the past year and how it has affected my writing habits.  These are some posts that I put off dealing with because at the time I thought I was dwelling too much on my writing habits and the fact that I have lost them.

Today’s post goes back to September 16, 2016, a little less than two weeks after moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Well it’s been another week since I have sat down with my composition book and written anything.

The move has taken its toll, both mentally and physically.  My habits have been blown out the window and now I must begin to work on re-establishing them.

Prior to me making this move I was in the habit of writing during my lunch hour at the office.  Not that I am working from home that habit is gone. Continue reading