My Writing Habits

I thought I would post a couple of pieces I have written in regards to the changes that happened in my life over the past year and how it has affected my writing habits.  These are some posts that I put off dealing with because at the time I thought I was dwelling too much on my writing habits and the fact that I have lost them.

Today’s post goes back to September 16, 2016, a little less than two weeks after moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Well it’s been another week since I have sat down with my composition book and written anything.

The move has taken its toll, both mentally and physically.  My habits have been blown out the window and now I must begin to work on re-establishing them.

Prior to me making this move I was in the habit of writing during my lunch hour at the office.  Not that I am working from home that habit is gone.

I got up this morning and said to myself, you are going to sit down and write something right away.  I am not going to wait and then be distracted throughout the day.

I established my writing habit over a year ago and don’t want to lose it.  But now that my life is not quite so regimented I’m not exactly sure how to get my writing habits back in line.

Maybe now I need to embrace the freedom of being able to write whenever I feel like it.

Before this move I would think of possible subjects and make a note which I would place in the front of my composition book.  Sometimes it would be a few days until I looked at the note and sometime it would be weeks or months until I would look at it and decide today is the day I want to write about it.

My original thoughts on the note may have been forgotten but reading the note generally triggered my memory or pushed me into a different train of thought, but the note served as the catalyst.

Maybe now I will be able to write about it as soon as thoughts come to my mind.  Maybe this will give my writing a new perspective.

I will still write down my notes and store them in my composition book.  I pretty sure I won’t have that much free time that I can just write whenever I get an idea.

This piece started out to be about establishing my new writing habits.  Maybe the next question is how will these new habits affect my efficiencies and my writing?

Will it be different?

Will it be more spontaneous and if so will that affect my style?  I’m not worried about that, that’s a good thing.

Change would show growth as both a person and a writer, much like changing bands can improve your style as a player.

These will be interesting times and perhaps that was another reason for me making my move.

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