My Writing Habits II

Here’s another in a short series of post about my writing habits and how they have been affected by my life changes.  I wrote these pieces about eight months ago.  This post was originally added to my composition book on September 21, 2016.

I have sold just about everything I owned and picked up the rest and moved 900 miles south to warm and sunny Florida.

Me, who is so entrenched in twenty five years of habits and routines, who finds such comfort in habits and routines, has taken them and tossed them aside.

It can be very disconcerting.

I don’t feel lost.  I don’t feel anxious.  I just feel like I am taking some time away from the habits and routines knowing that new ones will take their place.

But I am concerned about my writing habits.

Prior to this move I had a very set routine that served me well.

Every working day during my lunch hour I did two things.

In the first half hour I would pull a post from my composition book, get it typed up in Word and prepared for editing and posting.  Then during the second half hour I would review my notes on post ideas, choose one, and write a draft post in my composition book.

Now I work from home.  There is no set lunch hour, there are no set hours.  I work at my own pace and on my own time schedule.  You would think with such freedom finding time to write would be easy.  But losing the structure of the office work environment has caused me to lose the daily writing habits that I had in place.

Currently it seems that writing when I get up in the morning is working for me but who knows what will happen to that.

At this time my wife is still up north and will be joining me in a few days.  I’m sure when she is finally down here with me, my routines will change again.  We will see what develops.

The important thing isn’t so much what or when will my writing habits be, it’s just that I do it.  It’s just that I develop the habits again.

The only way I’ll develop anything is through doing.  Through doing I’ll find what works, I’ll find what is comfortable and what helps me reach my goals.  Whatever they may be.

I guess my ultimate goal is to just be happy.

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