Teaching Myself

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do I write this blog?”

I know that I am hell bent on trying to see this thing through, whatever that means.  I’m trying to improve it, make it better, improve my writing and stay honest.  I’m not writing to sell something.

I figure if I keep working on it at some point I’ll have something that will be of value to someone and help others.

I also write for the same reason a lot of other people write, it’s very cathartic for me.

That was a big reason why I started this blog.  It felt good and still feels good to write.  It’s a definite release when I write.  Some days more than others but the release is always a part of it.

One of the unintended consequences or perhaps better said, unexpected benefits is I end up teaching myself lessons and reaffirm my choices in life.

I sit, write and expand on my thoughts as I put it all down on paper.  Sometimes it is ideas, that when written down in the context of the post I end up saying “Yes, that’s correct and that’s what I always thought was correct and now I’ve just explained it to myself.”  I’ve now affirmed it is right (for me) because I now understand why it’s right.

Those moments are pretty good when they happen and they keep me coming back for more.

Other times as I write I see myself laying out my thoughts and concepts from point A to point B and in the process I come to a realization that takes me to point C, which is something I never thought about or knew before.

I’ll complete the post and realized I’ve just learned something.

And sometimes I learn through good old fashion book learning.  The subject that peaks my interest may require some research, so I look it up and enlighten myself.

I write this blog for myself, for release and for making myself a better, well rounded person.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no matter how old you are you never stop learning.


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