Edith and Rob’s Amazing Dinner, Now That’s Important.

I’ve written about how the media and government try to manipulate us.

I’ve written about the rapid growth of the internet and social media and how we trivialize and misuse words, like friends, awesome, amazing, and epic.

I’ve written about business taking phrases that use to have an emotional attachment and turning them into meaningless buzz words like “reach out”.

Now I have been thinking about how government and media have trivialized aspects of our society that use to be sacred.  I thought why did the government set out to trivialize these things?

Here are some examples of things that the government and media have been systematically reducing in value.


Growing up and still to this day I think marriage is a sacred institution.  I’m not talking about who you marry; I’m talking about being married.

I made a vow in front of my friends and family and most importantly before God to love, honor, cherish and obey until death do us part.  I took that vow very seriously and that vow has strengthened in me through 36 years of marriage and counting.

I’m not saying that through all circumstances every couple should stay together.  People make mistakes, sometimes big mistakes.  But from my point of view government has made divorce easier through the years.

This legal ease of separation coupled with the down play of religion in marriage has made divorce not much more than breaking up with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s made easy and things that are easy have little value. Things with little value become trivial.


Getting to the poles to vote and the process of casting your ballot should be easy.  It should be fair but it should be easy.

But they have started to make that harder by telling you it’s easier and of course as is human nature, corrupted the whole process.

But who to vote for that should require deep thought and consideration and study of positions and review of performance records.  It should take work.

And that is what the government and media are trying to make easy for you.   They are trying to make it easy for you to pick who they want you to pick.

They make it easy through disinformation campaigns, well placed sound bites, fluff debates and softball interviews.  You don’t need to do any work.  You can make a quick easy decision based off of what they want you to know.  You’re well informed without doing any work.  All you had to do is sit on your ass, open your mouth and they shove it down your throat for you to regurgitate at the ballot box.

To find the truth is almost, if not impossible.  So just take the easy way out.  Easy has little value and now the political process has become trivial.

I’m sure if you think about it you can find other things that use to be of value that have been made trivial over the years.

How about family?

How about work?

How about saving?

So why does the government and the media at the behest of the government do this?

Because trivial has no value and you are willing to give up what is of no value to you.

Some day they’ll suggest you give up the institution of marriage.  They’ll say it is of little value.  Then you’ll be married to the state.

Some day they’ll suggest you give up voting.  Why bother your vote doesn’t matter and besides they know who is the best person to do the job.

You just concentrate on the important things like looking at the picture of what Edith and Rob had for their amazing dinner on their epic vacation to awesome Cleveland Ohio.

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