How Can You Create……

How do you take care of all the stuff going on in your life and still have time to clear your head and create?

Some days I have trouble sitting down to write.

Normally I do my writing over my lunch hour at work.  It’s one of the few times I am left alone.

But some days all the cares and issues in my life spill over into that time. I tell myself “You can’t write, you have too much going on.  You’ll never clear you head.”

They will always be something going on in my life, stressful things, changes which drop out of nowhere and put my stomach in knots.  And sometimes those knots can paralyze my activity.

I tend to obsess even when there is no reason to obsess.  I play the stupid “what if” game and work myself up over nothing.

I was recently doing that over a weekend.  Out of the blue, paralyzing obsession over little issues made them large when my imagination kicked in.

Instead of doing nothing because I had to “think things through” (code for obsess) I made a point of going downstairs to my drums to practice and create.

Very quickly my mind cleared to concentrate on practicing, playing and writing.  My body relaxed and these issues and cares were pushed away.  I felt much better.  What I thought were mammoth issues were put into perspective.

I guess instead of asking the question, “How can you create with all these issues and distractions?”  I should ask, “How can you not create with all these issues and distractions?”

The more complicated it becomes the more I need to simplify.

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