That Is Why I Blog

A number of my posts begin with a Bible verse or verses.  I didn’t start out blogging with the intent of writing about what I have been learning each time I read through the Bible but I find it interesting and I’ve discovered a new passion about it.

For most of my posts I write my first draft by hand in my journals, which are the standard college composition books you find at the grocery store.

When I’m writing about a Bible verse I write it out by hand even though I could just make a note to copy and paste the verse when it’s time to make the post digital.  Writing it out by hand serves two purposes.

  1. Better comprehension and retention of the verse.

I find with all subjects that when I write it out word for word, I gain a better understanding of what I have just written.  Using my hands to write the verse forces me to pay attention to every word and thus helps me to understand what it is that I am writing. It helps me to stay focused on the subject and to focus my thoughts.

  1. Writing the verse is a warm up process for writing the balance of the post.

As I write I get the feel and the pleasure of writing which creates the flow.

Some days as I force myself to write, those days when I feel I am out of ideas, I pick up a note which has a Bible book, chapter and verse listed on it.  I’ll look at it and cannot remember the context of the verse so I look it up.  After reading it I may say to myself, “What was the point of writing that one down, what angle did I have on this verse?”

But as I start copying the verse(s) into my journal it all comes back to me and then some.

Writing down words has power.

Some people wonder why I place average mundane tasks in my Outlook calendar.   I do this because writing or typing these items makes them stick in my mind and helps me insure that I get them done.

I think that is why I keep blogging and write these posts.  When I write I learn.

I learn about myself and learn how to improve myself.

I write down verses which help me understand, verses that help me understand the Bible which helps me understand my relationship with God.  That is important and perhaps that is why I blog.

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