Remember the Good Guys – Forget the Jerks

The other day I was working with a supplier who I have been dealing with for about 20 years.

I was writing a follow-up email to our current rep at this supplier and I tried to remember the last few reps I had dealt with at this supplier.

There was a lady before the current rep and I remembered her name rather easily.  Her last name was the same as a flower so that helped me even though I had only dealt with her for less than one year.

Then I tried to remember the gentleman’s name who I had dealt with before her and I drew a blank.

This bothered me, I remembered that he had passed away after two separate bouts with cancer, but I just couldn’t remember his name.  It bothered me because I dealt with him for approximately 15 years and I couldn’t remember his name.

I eventually remembered his name but was upset with myself.  I should have remembered his name.

I wasn’t upset thinking that my mind was failing me.  I was upset because he was someone I had numerous dealings with over the years.

He was always fair and honest with me.  I might not have liked all of his answers but they were the correct answers, the honest answers.

He wasn’t the best buddy type of guy but to me that’s not important.  Getting a straight answer is important and that’s what I always got from him.

Now the people who were jerks, those I remember.  I remember their names and the jerky things they did to me.

But here was a decent fellow who shot straight with me all the time and I couldn’t remember his name.  It seemed unfair.

Then I started to wonder will the people I worked with over the years, will they remember or forget my name.

If they do remember will it be because I was a jerk or a straight shooter.

Or is it even important?

I truly did feel bad for not remembering his name. I felt that out of respect for him always being honest with me I should have remembered his name.

I will try to do better and remember the good guys and forget the jerks.

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