Protests Accomplish Nothing

It appears that protesting has become a career choice in this country so I thought I would rerun this one from late last year.

This is a follow up post to all you millennials who decided to throw a tantrum over not getting your way in this year’s election.

Here is another tidbit of information you may learn someday after you leave your “safe space” and experience the harsh realities of earning a living.

Protests don’t work!

Plain and simple they accomplish nothing other than boosting media ratings, which increases advertising revenues, which makes more money for big business.

And the irony is, in most cases that’s what you’re protesting, some evil big corporation. Guess you didn’t see that coming.

I’ve been around for a while and can’t think of any protests that changed anything other than boosting media ratings and making the corporations that own the media outlets wealthier.

Some of you older readers may say, “What about the protests of the sixties, the antiwar protests and civil rights protests?”

OK, through the media’s appetite to boost ratings these stories may have made some parts of the country a little more aware of the situation but that’s not what caused the change.

There is only one way to truly affect change in a society, money.

You want a corporation to stop its evil practices, hit them in the pocket book.  Take away the profits and you take away the practice.  It’s just the way things work in a capitalist, a socialist, a communist, a fascist, or any society where man is in charge.

Money rules.

It’s been like that before the times of ancient Babylon and will be like that through out our existence.

So save your breath, save your energy, save your skull, and save your neighborhood. I’m not exactly sure what burning down your neighborhood accomplishes but it sure sells advertising.

Get off your ass, earn and then vote with your dollars.  That’s the vote that really counts.

It’s harsh but true.

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