The Three Most Overused and Misused Words On Social Media

Today’s post is about three of the most overused and misused words on social media and mass media.

When I was younger I don’t recall these words being used so liberally across the fabric of society.  I guess it’s just more results from the dumbing down of civilization.

From what I see and read the bar has been set pretty low and keeps getting lower.

OK, so what are these three overused and misused words?

They are:




Let’s review each word.


Webster’s Dictionary defines the word amazing as, “causing amazement”.  OK so let’s look up amazement.

Amazement – A feeling of being surprised or amazed.

OK let’s look up amazed.  The dictionary takes you right to the word amaze.

Amaze – To fill with wonder, what is wonder?

Wonder – A cause of astonishment or admiration.

OK you get the picture.

To me something that is “amazing” better be pretty damn special.  I’m talking about miracles of biblical proportion.  You know something like pigs taking flight, donkeys being able to talk or monkeys splitting the atom.

A cat falling off a table is not an “amazing” video.

A six year old who is proficient at something as a fifteen year old is not “amazing”.  It’s cool, it’s impressive and certainly something to make mom and dad proud but it’s NOT “amazing”.

If you’re amazed by most of this simple nonsense on social media come on over, I have this trick where I can remove my thumb and put it back on.  You can watch for only $50.


Awesome is defined as: causing feelings of fear and wonder (there’s wonder again), causing feelings of awe.

So let’s look up awe, we already know about wonder.

Awe – a strong feeling of fear and respect and also wonder.

I will tell you this.  I have never played any bar, VFW,  Legion, Elks, Moose, carnival, fire hall, wedding, frat house, etc., etc., where the crowd, no matter how much fun they were, gave me a strong feeling of fear (OK maybe a few “real” biker bars scared me a bit) or respect or filled me with wonder.  The only wonder was in; I wonder how they are going to feel when they get up tomorrow.

When you want to express that you had a fun gig the night before say “what a fun gig and receptive bunch of drunks we played for last night.”

It wasn’t awesome.

Playing before Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding and Janis Joplin who amazingly came back to life would be awesome and fill me with wonder.  And I’m not talking about “Zombie” Jimi, Otis and Janis, that’s a whole other rant.


Here is the definition:  telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures; very great or large and unusually difficult or impressive.

Your trip to the woods wasn’t “epic” unless you encountered and slayed the Lernaean Hydra, partied with Sasquatch and brought down the Death Star with the help of the Ewoks.  That’s one “epic” day.

I certainly don’t want to down play the excitement, and joy that these things may bring to your life but please get some perspective.

I know a lot of this is subjective but if you truly find that thirty second video amazing, awesome and epic, look me up.  For a reasonable fee I’ll entertain you for the rest of your life.

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