Keep It Simple My Friend!

I watched an interview of  Leland Sklar, it was part of the “Legend Series” by Don Famularo.

Any drummer or musician who is not familiar with Leland Sklar should immediately turn in their musician card.  Look him up and spend some time listening to his work, then you can have your card back.

Here is the interview.  Watch it when you have a half hour to spare.  It’s pretty cool.

What he said around the 24:00 mark hit me like a shovel.

He talks about whole notes and how the possibilities with whole notes are infinite.  When I heard that I said to myself “yes, I understand exactly what he means.”

If you’ve read some of my previous posts you know that I am a big fan of simplicity.  Hearing it from a musical legend cemented my love for simplicity.

The more I thought about what Mr. Sklar said the more I confirmed how this applies throughout life.

So I got up the next day after watching this interview and I wrote down this statement.

The more you complicate the lesser the possibilities.

The more you simplify the greater the possibilities.

Just as whole notes open up gaping holes and possibilities in a song and thirty second notes fill and close those holes and possibilities, so does adding and filling up your life with drama and bullshit decrease the possibilities in your life.

Keep it simple and get to what’s important, discard the rest, and the possibilities with your life will be infinite.

Side note for all you musicians young and old like me, listen to what he says around the 30:00 mark. Listen to what he says about all those incredible “chops” everyone has.

Keep it simple my friend!

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