Musicians In Charge

2 Chronicles 34:12-13

And the men did the work faithfully. Over them were set Jahath and Obadiah the Levites, of the sons of Merari, and Zechariah and Meshullam, of the sons of the Kohathites, to have oversight. The Levites, all who were skillful with instruments of music, were over the burden-bearers and directed all who did work in every kind of service, and some of the Levites were scribes and officials and gatekeepers.

Many passages in the Old Testament reference the importance of music, especially in a spiritual way.  There are verses in Samuel about the musicians accompanying the prophets and playing music as the prophets prophesied.  There are verses speaking about Saul, when given to his fits of psychosis and whatever else afflicted him, how he would have the musicians play to soothe his troubled mind.

King David assigned great importance to music.  He had a department of music in his government right along with his department of defense, department of the gatekeepers, department of the treasury, etc., etc.

When I read the above verses I was surprised to learn that the musicians were not only in  charge of the music, but they were put in charge of the rebuilding of the house of the Lord.  It reads like they were also put in charge of the administration of the government.

Josiah was appointed king over Judah and Jerusalem when he was only eight years old and he was getting the people back on track with walking in the way of the Lord.  Amon, Josiah’s father and predecessor was evil in the sight of the Lord and did some pretty wicked stuff just like his father Manasseh.  These wicked things included burning one of his own sons as a sacrifice to false gods, using fortunetellers and sorcery.  Manasseh, Josiah’s grandfather did repent, but Amon did not.  Soon Amon’s servants had enough of his wicked ways and had him killed and immediately anointed Josiah king.  So how Josiah turned out to be good is a wonder to me.

As Josiah grew up he worked on rebuilding Judah and Jerusalem by destroying all the altars and idols of the false gods.  He then set about rebuilding the house of the Lord.

Anyway, back to the verses cited at the beginning of this piece.

I thought, how cool that the musicians were also the administrative heads of Josiah’s government. How cool that the king had such faith in his musicians that he would entrust them with the operations of his kingdom and the fulfillment of his plans.  And as far as I can tell, they were successful.

The eventual demise of Judah and Israel and their being carried off to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar was due to the sins of past kings, for Josiah’s good works the Lord spared him from having to witness his people’s demise.

Successful, well organized, dependable musicians, how on earth did they ever get enough of them together at one time to rebuild a generation?

Truly this was an act of God.

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