My Relationship With Music

I have written about the simplicity of God and Christ and how the simplicity of life is you and your relationship with God.  Work on your relationship with God and the rest will fall into place.

I cited Matthew 6:1-8 which is part of the Sermon on the Mount.  Christ talks about how your relationship with God is just between you and God.  Christ talks about getting your heart straight with yourself and with God.  Once this is accomplished or I should say as you keep improving your relationship with God, the rest of your life will fall in line.

When I ponder this I think about how this is also true with music or any art.  Your music, your art is a very private affair.

When I was young these was an intrinsic feeling I receive from music, a joy that I received but really didn’t understand.

There was also the vanity of youth and the desire to have others be impressed with my abilities.  Like most young guys I hoped to impress the girls.

As I grew older and realized the “art” of music, I still had the vain desire to impress.  I wasn’t so much interested in adoring female admiration, as I wanted the respect and acknowledgement of those in my craft whom I considered great.

So even though I was maturing and becoming wiser, I still didn’t realize that my relationship with music, like my relationship with God, is between God and me.

As I came back into music I began to realize that it is not about what others think.  It’s not about fans, or peers and their respect.

It’s about what I do and how it sits in my heart.  It’s about honesty with myself.  It’s my relationship with music, myself and God.

If I’m honest in my approach and execution, just like life, the rest will fall in to place, whatever it may be.

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