The Modern Day Shrine For Household Gods

In my previous post I quoted Zechariah Chapter 10 Verse 2.  I wrote about the household gods of today.  The ones, who as Zechariah put it, utter nonsense, see lies, tell false dreams and give empty consolation.

The primary slant of that post was about those who directly prey upon the spirituality of people, the televangelists and spiritual mediums.

The more I thought about that post the more I wanted to also write about the secular household gods.  Those that subtly but efficiently prey upon your spirituality.

The household gods come from all angles and subjects.  They come in many different forms.

They can be upright citizens, clean cut. Intelligent people almost the epitome of what we think is the good and clean person.  They present to us what they call the truth and yet it’s made to fit the story they would like us to believe.

They can be rich or trying to get rich, attractive people who whore their bodies and souls for your praise, your worship and your dollars.

They can be purveyors of overpriced trinkets who prey upon the voids in a person’s life.

They can be monolithic corporations leading you into a life you can’t afford.

As I think more about this verse I know there is no way Zechariah could have envisioned the mass media of today but he managed to hit the nail right on the head.

Much like the ancient times of Zechariah when families set up their shrines and worshiped graven Calvin-worship-TV_3852images so do we today.

Our shrine is the television loaded with false prophets and gods.

TV has become a vast and immense land, and just as the continents on earth and the planets and objects in space, most of it contains large and vast pockets of wasteland.

Read this chapter and verse again.

Zechariah 10:2

For the household gods utter nonsense,
and the diviners see lies;
they tell false dreams
and give empty consolation.
Therefore the people wander like sheep;
they are afflicted for lack of a shepherd.

Can’t you see us today sitting in front of our shrine desperately seeking our shepherd.

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