Expectations Of God

Job 24:1

“Why are not times of judgment kept by the Almighty,

    and why do those who know him never see his days?

Job is responding to the accusations of his friends.  They are telling him that he has committed some sort of sin to incur the wrath of God.  They believe the tragedies that Job has suffered were not just a random act.

Job who is a righteous man has lost his wealth and his family.  His friends have come to console him but they end up chastising Job for not admitting to the sin they are sure he has committed.

Job knows in his heart that he has been righteous.  Job feels he did not deserve any of this treatment from God and questions, where is God?  Why has God let all of this happen to him?  Job asks in Chapter 24 verse 1, why am I being punished and why are those who require God’s judgement allowed to sin without retribution.  Why, with a righteous man like myself is God not interceding on my behalf?  Where has God gone?  Why don’t I see God?

Job was very prosperous and happy prior to losing it all.  Through his righteousness Job had reaped many rewards and never questioned, where is God?  God was never an issue for Job during the good times.  But when this adversity fell upon Job he began to ask why has God abandoned me?

This again brings to mind my previous post, The Arrogance of Man.

We have expectations of God.  Just the fact that we have expectations of what God should and should not do, demonstrates that arrogance.

Just like Job we ask the question, how can God let bad things happen?  We have an expectation that this force, this controller and master of the universe should be standing on a cloud like some super hero and swoop in to save the day.   This person with super powers should save us from ourselves and rid the world of all injustice.

How can God let us do all these horrible things?  How can God let evil men prosper and good men live in poverty?  We ask why God did not punish that person for the horrible things they did?

Job is asking these kind of questions because Job had his expectations of God.

These expectations are derived from man.  So if God isn’t meeting our expectations then we are putting ourselves above God.  And when our expectations aren’t met, then some of us assume there must not be a God.

Most of our modern day expectations of God come from movies, books, old paintings, etc.  We try to express what God is so we make God into something we can understand.  We make God into man.  Oh this person might have super powers, but he walks, talks and acts like man.  We then assume that since God looks like man then God must think like man.

We assume that God must have a system of rewards and punishments and these rewards and punishments must be dealt out as man sees fit.  The arrogance of man makes God one of us.   But then looked what happened when God manifest as man. God didn’t fit our expectations and we crucified God as man.

I am not sure what God is, and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to figure that out.  But I do know I have to let God into my heart without expectations.

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